Travis Lynch and Quinton Chester of BitLoft

BitLofter Bio: Quinton Chester

Featured Image: Work Hard, Play Hard: Travis Lynch (left) and Quinton Chester (right)

Name: Quinton Chester
Title: Mobile Application Developer

Hiring is fun. It’s one of the best things about growing a business, in fact, and my favorite part of my job is calling up an intelligent, passionate, and enthusiastic candidate after a rigorous interview process to say “You’re hired!” These days, it’s not always me making that phone call. Matt Amos, our Director of Development, had that distinct pleasure with our newest hire, Quinton Chester. Quinton has an impressive background, a rapier wit, and a heartfelt passion for both gaming and development. He’s also a natural collaborator, which is vital in our agile environment.

We’re glad to have Quinton as a part of our team!

Below is a quick Q&A to get to know Quinton.

What’s your background?

I have always had a passion for creating things. When I was 12, I started developing video game mods (modifications) and creating private servers for MMORPGs (massively multiplayer online role-playing games). I remember spending countless hours in my room working on these games, despite my parents’ uncertainty about my hobbies. I quickly decided that I wanted to do something with this newfound love of development as my career.

I decided to attend Indiana University in Bloomington and study Computer Science after high school. Later, I switched majors to Informatics with a focus in Computer Science in an attempt to combine UI/UX* with the more functional back-end of development. I have always been a believer that games and applications must look good, feel good, and function seamlessly, and this felt like a way for me to impact all of these components.

After graduating from Indiana University, I moved to Indianapolis to work for a small development company where I created a product that generated consistent recurring revenue while also significantly transforming the company atmosphere and culture. I also learned how to be a leader in a team setting and work toward larger goals in favor of company growth.

* UI stands for user interface, and UX stands for user experience.

You are a Mobile Application Developer; what does that mean you do?

I work closely with our design team and customers to come up with beautiful, fluid user interfaces with a crisp, intuitive user experience. Later, I transform the design into reality by creating the application’s actual code. The needs of the business often allow me to work outside of this core role, which has already enabled me to learn about new and different technologies.

What are some things that feel unique about BitLoft so far?

The culture and individuals here at BitLoft make it feel like home. When I come into work, it doesn’t feel like work. Instead, it feels like I’m collaborating on projects with friends. Overall, it’s a creative, fun, and relaxed atmosphere. The thing that sticks out the most is the investment that BitLoft places in its employees and their growth.

What emerging technology are you most excited about? Why?

  1. Autonomous vehicles — I am a big fan of Elon Musk and his goal of revolutionizing the world’s most commonly used items. Although he didn’t invent autonomous vehicles, I believe that he and his team have truly revolutionized autonomous vehicles and the automobile industry. It is not only exciting to see how they continue to innovate, but also impressive to learn about the technology they’re putting into their vehicles.
  2. Underground transportation — Another project of Musk’s, the Boring Company, is creating something that I believe is a game-changer. Traffic congestion is a serious problem in large metropolitan areas, and tunnels are the best solution because construction is invisible to those on the surface.

What are your most-used mobile apps?

My go-to apps are Spotify, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. I am passionate about music and an avid listener — last year, I listened to just under 100,000 minutes of music on Spotify! This year I’m hoping to hit 120k or more.

How do you spend your time outside of work?

I mostly spend time with my girlfriend Olivia and our bulldog Zara. We attend sporting events (where we can take our dog) or spend weekends at her family’s farm in English, Indiana, where we can disconnect from the world and unwind. I also spend my time preparing my car for racing events, or racing my car and preparing myself for competition. I’m working toward competing in GridLife and Global Time Attack.

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