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BitLofter Bio: Tim Hovious

Shown in featured image: Travis Lynch (left) and Tim Hovious (right)

Name: Tim Hovious
Title: Account Executive

Tim joined the BitLoft team in the spring of 2019 and has hit the ground running from day one. Leveraging his past industry experience and strong Indianapolis network, Tim has quickly focused on growing the BitLoft portfolio with new clients and connecting with the thriving Indy tech and business community. We’re so glad to have Tim’s positive energy and scrappy, winning attitude on the BitLoft team!

Below is a quick Q&A interview to get to know Tim.

Tim Hovious

What’s your background?

My background is primarily in sales, and I love the pace and excitement of the profession. My first sales role at Gannett developed my sales fundamentals, which I have applied in various positions, including IT recruiting and most recently at a custom software development agency. There I was responsible for not only driving sales, but also internal recruiting and helping with marketing initiatives. I’m a Ball State alumnus with a degree in communications and public relations.

You’re an Account Executive; what does that mean you do?

I’m responsible for handling all sales-related issues. This involves things like conducting outreach, nurturing leads, maintaining a pipeline of prospective clients, driving new business, making sure new business becomes recurring business, building relationships and working with the marketing team to make sure BitLoft is a recognized leader within our industry.  My approach is really about learning and listening and then helping prospects along in determining the best technical solution to drive their outcomes.

What are some things that feel unique about BitLoft so far?

There is a strong sense of camaraderie between the employees who have been here for a while, and I am excited to be a part of that. It’s an entertaining group, and there seem to be a ton of extracurricular events and in-office events. I mean, this week I’ve already been invited to join the team for private screenings of Avengers: End Game and John Wick — so I am feeling pretty good about that! In addition to the fun, there is also a strong dedication to doing what is needed to be done to continue pushing BitLoft forward as a company.  

What emerging technology are you most excited about? Why?

Fully autonomous vehicles, without a doubt. They’re exciting for a couple of reasons: First, humans have still not figured out this whole driving thing, so we need to turn it over to the computers ASAP. Second, I don’t enjoy commuting, so if I can let my vehicle do everything for me, I could be productive while in traffic.

What mobile apps do you use the most?

Far and away Twitter, but I also make sure to do the NY Times Daily Mini Crossword Puzzle on their app every morning. I also use the other social media apps; Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. While I love technology and social media, my goal is to be under 2 hour average screen time per day on my phone.

How do you spend your time outside of work?

If binge-watching shows on Netflix were an Olympic sport, I feel like I would be a gold medal contender. I love getting into a new TV series or going back and restarting older ones. I also love playing golf, racquetball, and basketball. Lately I’m getting into the thrifting and resell business, and I have Etsy and eBay shops up and running. My latest venture is trying to launch a travel blog about some local weekend getaways with my wife, Bing, and our two crazy chihuahuas, Skeeter and Jameson.


To contact Tim Hovious about opportunities to work with BitLoft on web dev, digital marketing, or game design projects, please reach out to Tim looks forward to talking with you!

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