Giving Thanks for the Many Blessings in Our Careers

The U.S. holiday of Thanksgiving is nearly here. With this holiday comes feasting, family, friends, sometimes travel, often sports, and the inevitable walk of regret around the neighborhood after eating too much. (No, the walk of regret will not be enough to save you or anyone else from the consumption of excessive calories, but you should do it regardless.)

This season also brings rounds of farewells at the office. Colleagues will gradually leave their desks in favor of their holiday destinations, whether near or far. Their cheerful wishes of “Have a happy Thanksgiving!” will echo through places of work as offices and cubicles become temporarily empty, one by one. For these few days, professionals will take their ease while they celebrate the harvest and their blessings.

Before the merry well wishes began at BitLoft, we took some time to reflect on our professions and share our individual answers to this question:

What are you thankful for in your career?

When I asked the question, I was overwhelmed with the number of responses. Here’s what my fellow Lofters had to say:

  • I’m very thankful for working at an innovative company with loving people. ~ Brendan Breimeir
  • I’m thankful I get to exercise a lot of creative freedom with awesome people and learn new skills in the process. ~ Eric Billig
  • I’m thankful for being able to work with such talented people that have taught me so much. ~ Andrew Lowery
  • Working with a team that all share the same passion, drive, and vision! P1E!!! ~ Noah Hankinson
  • The opportunity to pull from my imagination and turn it into a reality. It’s also nice having my hobby as a job. ~ Jason Rumpff
  • Good mentors and their willingness to patiently teach. ~ Nate Read
  • I am thankful that I have been able to work with bright, talented, and motivated people everywhere that I have been employed. ~ Jerry Severe
  • Getting to know and enjoy the company of my co-workers. ~ Ethan Ransdell
  • I believe I am where I am supposed to be! All of my previous positions have equipped me with the experience and relationships to make me the person I am today, and here with you fine folks. ~ Michelle Tooke
  • The freedom to make a difference with choices in my own career and the future of BitLoft. ~ Matt Amos
  • All of the fun and creative people that I get to work with every day! ~ Chuck Thomas
  • I’m so thankful for wonderful teachers. No matter how far along you are in your career (or in your journey of life), there are always lessons to be learned. Often those teaching don’t even know they are doing it.  😉 ~ Lynda Shade
  • Thankful for all the free tools and plugins available for web development. ~ MANDO (A.K.A. Matt Anderson)
  • The friends that I have made while working in this field and the support they have given me for the past year and a half. ~ Joe Loyd
  • Thankful I am not commuting. And thankful for touch screens monitors! ~ Jon Alford
  • Being able to work on many different types of games all ranging from F2P mobile, indie, AR, VR, and AAA games. ~ Baqir Shah
  • I’m grateful that I can use my (art) powers for good, in that the designs I do for BitLoft will help people learn while having fun! I am also grateful for BitLoft itself — for the opportunity to collaborate with this awesome creative team in the first place. ~ Virginia Greene
  • I’m thankful that I get to wake up every day and create something new. The desire to create is innate in us all, and I am lucky to get paid to do it. ~ Collin Harbison
  • I’m thankful for a successful start to a new phase of my career, going from application development to game development. ~ Mark Della-Croce
  • I’m thankful for genuinely being able to call my co-workers friends. ~ Rachel Auten
  • BitLoft has allowed me to ACTUALLY use my liberal arts degree in a dream job setting. Not many people can say that. ~ Andrea Reinhart
  • I’m thankful for being able to work with such an amazing and creative team. I feel like I’ve learned more from you all in the last year than the several years trying to learn game development by myself. ~ Leah Lee
  • I’m thankful for our dynamic and quirky team that never fails to engage in stimulating conversation. I love them all! ~ Levi Caudill
  • Building communities and social ties. 🙂 ~ Haley Denu
  • I have a job that gives me a new challenge almost daily.  I get to work with talented people who appreciate and value me. ~ Dallas Glowka
  • I am thankful for being part of a team that I can depend on! Everyone works hard to make sure the team gets whatever it needs; from hard work to a friendly and cooperative environment. ~ Ben Quigley
  • I’m thankful that I get to work alongside a bunch of fun cool people on a project I believe is important. ~ Alex Apple
  • I am extremely grateful that I’m able to support myself doing what I love, and for the people that have made that possible. ~ Max Alley
  • Being able to work not just in the gaming space, but alongside others with the same passion for gaming/esports that I have. ~ Trevor Scanlon
  • I am thankful I get to work with awesome and nice people and constantly make new friends all doing what we love and all of us getting through it together. ~ Tyler Padgett
  • That my career finally kicked off! I can rest a lot easier now that I’ve gotten that first career position under my belt. ~ Ibrahim Nakhal
  • I love being able to work in a place where my skill sets are applied to projects that allow a bit more creativity and can be applied to more artistic outcomes. ~ Willer Da Silva
  • I am thankful to have a job that keeps my family fed, a roof over our heads, and water and electricity running through my home. I am thankful that BitLoft provides that for almost 50 game developers. ~ Thomas Marshall

As for me and what I’m grateful for, well, how can I improve on what’s already mentioned here? This list covers office camaraderie, finding one’s calling and professional passion, and the mentors who helped us along the way. Those are my feelings as well. So, all that’s left to me is the punchline:

  • I’m grateful to the BitLoft leadership team for keeping this train on the rails! ~ Virginia Sanders

Soon I’ll be the one to say “Have a happy Thanksgiving! Safe travels!” to my colleagues, though I know I’ll be eager to get back to writing next Monday. Before I go, however, I have a question for you, fine reader:

What are YOU thankful for in your career?

From all of us at BitLoft, we wish you a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Virginia Sanders is a Content Developer at BitLoft and Lead Narrator on the development team for The Crystal Core.

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