Mira Glass Awards 2018

Making the Most of Mira

For those in the Indianapolis tech community, the TechPoint Mira Awards are not just about one evening — the efforts for this grand event span an entire season and involve applications, nominations, presentations, post-event celebrations, and more. We at BitLoft have also been busy capturing and producing video content for the event as the Official Video Production Partner for the Mira Awards.

Despite the excitement leading up to the event and the impact afterward, the center-ring attraction is the gala itself. Anyone who has attended in the past will tell you the event is fun, fancy, and full of influential leaders. With all the excitement, it’s easy for the night to fly past in a blur, but if you prepare ahead of time you can ensure both an enjoyable evening along with valuable business outcomes.

Here’s a quick prep-list to help you make the most of Mira:

  • Get your elevator pitch down. Having a strong personal or professional elevator pitch ready to go is key — be prepared to answer the question “What do you do?” with an impactful response. Even if you feel confident pitching your company in a formal way, this is different and more of a quick conversation — you have 30–90 seconds to make a memorable, positive impression. So practice, practice, practice! Our advice is to choose 2–3 impactful nuggets or a single unforgettable story to illustrate what your company does. Be sure to end your response with a question to drive the conversation.
  • Create a list of ideal contacts. Take the time to think about key people (or categories of people) you’d like to meet at the event. This can be a bit challenging given the format of the Mira Awards, but chances are good that you will be able to naturally connect with a couple of your desired contacts. You’ll want to be mentally prepared to introduce yourself and with an easy ice breaker — genuine compliments always work well here. If there is a particular nominee that you’d like to connect with, you can also send them a congratulatory note as an introduction.
  • Participate in social media. The hashtag #MiraAwards is guaranteed to be active throughout the event. Although we don’t recommend burying yourself in your phone, social media can be a great way to see who else is there, follow new contacts, and let your followers know that you’re spending the evening with the A-list of Indy’s tech scene.
  • Take notes. If you’re doing it right, you’ll be having lots of conversations, hearing about new companies and innovations, and running into friends and colleagues. When you get a chance to catch your breath, be sure to make a quick note on your phone of people or things to follow up with.
  • Have fun! Ultimately, the Mira Awards is a celebration of hard work over the past year. Whether you are a nominee or have clients and partners that are, the night is about having fun, so keep the conversation upbeat and be sure to relax and enjoy the evening!

TechPoint puts on a truly top-notch event, and you will leave with a sense of inspiration, excitement, and a list of new contacts to follow up with after the big event. If you aren’t attending this year, be sure to follow along on social media, check out the nominees, and stay tuned for the announcement of winners on April 13th. And of course, follow us on Twitter, where we’ll be live Tweeting from the event and sharing the post-event video!


To find out more about our video production services (that you will see highlighted at the Mira Awards) or our web and mobile development capabilities, Contact Us.

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