BitLoft is going to PopCon!

BitLoft Goes to Indy PopCon 2018

BitLoft is excited to announce that it is the title sponsor for Indy PopCon, 2018! The company will be hosting esports tournaments, demonstrating new products, and giving away prizes at its booths. Yes, that’s booths, plural, because BitLoft has so much to share with convention attendees that it needs two booths.

Indy PopCon first launched in 2014. The goal of this convention is “to celebrate all aspects of pop culture, rather than just hyper focusing on a specific genre.” (This mission aligns closely to the values of BitLoft team members, who work in an office where visitors can spy a crochet Cthulhu toy, a ceramic figurine of Alf surrounded by Funko Pop dolls, and fanart of porgs.) Attendance of PopCon has grown rapidly, from 9,000 attendees in 2014 to 30,000 in 2016.

Here’s a rundown of all the excitement BitLoft is bringing to PopCon:

Esports Tournaments with $35K in Total Prizes!

Logo for Player One EsportsBitLoft is proud to announce the launch of Player One Esports, a rapidly growing community of competitive gamers. At the Player One Esports tournament booth, you’ll enjoy live competition for League of Legends, Hearthstone, and Overwatch.

Tournament Prizes: $18,500 to the League of Legends winning team, $5,000 to the Overwatch winning team, $5,000 to the Hearthstone winner, and $6,500 to charities.

To get involved in the Player One Esports (P1E) community, the Guildmasters invite you to join the P1E Discord server here: P1E Discord. You can also follow P1E on Twitter and Facebook.

Events, Prizes, and More at the BitLoft Company Booth!

After you’ve explored the tournament, swing by the BitLoft company booth for more chances to win prizes and get involved in fun events.

Win Prizes

BitLoft is giving away an Xbox One, a PS4, and a Nintendo Switch.

Logo for The Crystal CoreDemo The Crystal Core

Get a sneak peek and play-test The Crystal Core, a brand-new, game-based course that teaches high school biology. The company plans to reach students looking for an alternative way to earn Indiana Core 40 credit toward a high school diploma. For more about information The Crystal Core, visit

Enter Events

BitLoft will host a tabletop RPG (role playing game) version of The Crystal Core. A detailed and engaging adventure is waiting for you! Stop by the booth to participate.

When you’re done, you can take a photo with your friends at the Selfie Station.

Meet VIP Guests

Nicki Taylor is a singer and popular Twitch streamer with more than 130,000 followers. Find out more on her Facebook and Twitch.)

The Yordles are singers and the writers of some fantastic game-humor tunes. Find out more on their Facebook and Twitch.

BitLoft would also like to give a shout out to Courtney Gray (Twitch), who will be Twitch-streaming the event, interviewing guests, and acting as MC.

Discover Player One eSports

Because the entire tournament booth isn’t enough, you can find out more about Player One Esports at the BitLoft booth, where you’ll have a chance to meet the P1E Guildmasters. You’ll also be able to play games with your friends and chat about esports. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be inspired to start your own team!


See you at Indy PopCon!

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