These awesome people visited the BitLoft selfie station at PopCon 2018!

Tales from Indy PopCon 2018!

BitLoft recently displayed two large booths at Indy PopCon for the company’s first major trade show event. Our spaces for The Crystal Core and Player One Esports offered guests the chance to play video game demos, experience a tabletop role playing adventure, take photos at our selfie station, and chill out in our game lounge. To top it all off, we even hosted an esports tournament. A few of us were a little star-struck when celebrities, such as Chester Rushing and Isaac Hempstead Wright, stopped by and said hello!

The show overall turned out to be a great growing experience for everyone on the team, and our displays drew crowds. According to Aly Wiggs, “I really enjoyed seeing everyone’s reactions to our setup. People were clearly not expecting such a major display, and I think we really nailed it. It made all of the work worth it.”

You don’t have to take our word for it, though. Check out this video:

We also made great connections to the community through this event, including the PopCon staff, fellow vendors, our videographers, and the people who talked with us about employment opportunities.

Following are a few stories from the BitLoft team members who worked throughout PopCon to create a great experience for visitors.

BitLoft booth at PopCon 2018

Charles Thomas, the Lead Game Designer for The Crystal Core, helped guests and answered their questions as they explored demos of Beta release levels. Chuck’s favorite moment happened “when a girl named Zoe came to play the game with her dad and nine-year-old brother. Both kids loved the game, and of course Zoe loved hearing about The Crystal Core character named Zoe. I had a great time seeing them both enjoy the game.”

Jessica Thomas guided visitors through a few dozen rounds of a tabletop role play version of The Crystal Core. One of her favorite experiences was with “the one group of D&D players who made everything more complicated than it needed to be…on purpose. Shenanigans included licking the ice wall and getting their tongues stuck, using the ray to liquidate mushrooms into soup, using Growth [an attack ability] to make the mushroom soup into a mushroom wolf, attempting to morph the stone wall into liquid stone (aka lava), throwing the corruption against each other, and attempting to use the crystal like a battering ram.”

Doug Nance Jr. helped to demo The Crystal Core on Friday and Saturday, but then he shifted into high gear when he entered the Player One Esports booth. “I would say my favorite moment was commentating on Sunday. It was somewhat nerve wracking but it was fun! People were flocking to watch the Overwatch tournaments.”

The P1E booth at PopCon 2018Collin Harbison neatly summed up the experience on the Player One Esports side of things, saying that “the tournament space was awesome. I stood over there when they announced the final match for the League of Legends tournament, and every seat was full. Crowds were gathering in the aisle ways and looking on. It was a spectacle and super fun to see our brand up in the lights with hundreds of people gathered around.”

Levi Caudill’s excitement for the event could hardly be contained. He loved “playing the ringmaster and producing an epic event! Seeing all these individuals come together to meet and compete was HYPE!”

Adam Carlsen reports that he “tuned into the Twitch channel from my phone Saturday morning to watch the League of Legends tournament and was suddenly hit with an overwhelming sense of the magnitude and quality of what that Player One Esports is accomplishing. For a second I felt like I did as a teenager discovering the world of gaming for the first time.”

My hope is that we can continue to inspire this feeling of wonder and joy in both our BitLoft team members and in all our future players.

Oh, and by the way, keep an eye out for future events! We have more excitement in store for you.


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