Brownsburg Parks

01. The scope

Brownsburg Parks turned to BitLoft to redesign, redevelop and implement a new and improved website that was responsive, modern, user-friendly and optimized for mobile devices.  Brownsburg also needed a site they could easily maintain and update themselves, as opposed to relying on a 3rd party or someone with coding experience for new content.

02. Our Proposed Solution

We proposed building their new site with our custom WordPress theme. Our theme is optimized for blazing page speed without compromising UI/UX, while also leaning on the bones of the platform for optimal SEO. 

Our custom approach to WordPress seemed to be a great fit for Brownsburg as it provides the following:

  • Simple, easy-to-use components that allow the page editor to drag and drop new custom elements into the page.
  • Headache-free maintenance
  • Ability to monitor, maintain, and update the website without worrying about the possibility of downtime.

Brownsburg Parks loved the proposed solution and was ecstatic about the solution we had proposed for them. The new solution would allow for them to easily edit the content which was previously a headache to alter.

03. The Process

We believe in focusing on quickly delivering functionality to achieve business value, so we use an Agile/Scrum framework to manage our processes. Our teams work in 2-week segments called “sprints,” the scope of which are fixed during sprint planning prior to beginning.

Our first Sprint is dedicated completely to design and user experience.  We create wireframes and design concepts aimed to solve the current pain points their users were facing.  Collaborating with Brownsburg stakeholder, we validate the design concept for each page and overall sitemap and flow of the website.   

With the design approved, our team of engineering wizards can now begin to build the site.  Through rapid iteration, we deliver pieces of the site to Brownsburg frequently for consistent feedback and validation for the direction we are going.

Before going live, we test the site across multiple devices and operating systems, as well as ensure it is optimized for mobile and train stakeholders on the framework.

04. The reveal

Currently, in the final stages of user testing, the new and improved Brownsburg Parks website is scheduled to launch January 2020.


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