2019 IWiT Championship

01. The scope

As the team in charge of marketing efforts for the annual Indiana Women in Tech Summit and LPGA event, Octagon needed a professional, creative team they could trust to provide quality video and be on-site capturing all of the memorable moments happening across the nearly week-long event celebrating women in tech and the amazing LPGA  event at the historic Brickyard Crossing golf course.

02. Our Proposed Solution

We proposed that our team be the full-service video provider for the event, producing pre-event promotional videos, filming testimonial videos to be played during the event, capturing footage on-site during the IWiT Summit, LPGA Golf Tournament, The Eureka! Exchange, Pro-Am Pairing Party, and  Byte Food Festival and using the footage to create wrap up videos.  

In total, we were responsible for creating the following four videos utilizing our expertise in motion design, animation, videography, and video production:

  1. Pre-Event Promotional Video
  2. IWiT Summit Event and Wrap Up Video
  3. Weeklong Event and Wrap Up Video
  4. Women in Tech Interview Video

We were able to capture and deliver all of this with one full-time and one part-time videographer to ensure we stayed within budget. 

03. The Process

With all of our projects, we start by understanding our client and the desired outcomes they are hoping to achieve with our services.  Collaborating with Octagon, we were able to understand the overall tone and pace they were striving for during each video we were producing.  We then began our internal preparation, planning, and scripting, ensuring we have the right people with the right equipment in the right places at the right time.  When shooting live events, we understand we get one chance to capture authentic, memorable moments, so our team makes sure to do all the necessary preparation to make sure we are in a position to capture those moments for our clients.

04. The reveal

Within two weeks of shooting the event, we were able to compile all of the event footage we captured, create motion graphics and animations to deliver two full recap videos that Octagon was able to promote and push out via their social channels and their website. 


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