BitLoft Esports | Latin American PUBG Team

BitLoft Esports Ernzxr Pro PUBG player

Ernesto “Ernzxr” Riveiro

Ernzxr began playing competitive esports when he was just 15 years old, but didn’t consider himself a true professional until he joined the BitLoft team. His first professional online event was the qualifier to the WCG of League of Legends in 2013.

Ernzxr’s favorite part of competing is being a professional player and the recognition that comes along with it. His most memorable moment was his victory in the face-to-face event at BroadCaster Royale TwitchCon 2018. In his spare time, Ernzxr enjoys going out with “Los Babys,” his group of friends, and playing video games together just for fun.

BitLoft Esports Harald Pro PUBG Player

Franco “Harald” Guajardo

Harald first began playing video games in 2017 with his group of friends, but he didn’t break into the professional esports space until he signed with the BitLoft team. His first competitive event was the qualifiers for Dreamhack in 2018, where he and his friends placed fifth.

Harald’s favorite part of competing is the satisfaction of winning matches and tournaments. His most memorable moment happened at ESL La League when he found himself alone against two players, and he stealthily took them each out— one he eliminated with a weapon and another with a grenade that bounced off the wall. In his free time, Harald enjoys listening to music while jogging because it gives him a chance to reflect.

BitLoft Esports Ragnar Pro PUBG Player

Franco “Ragnar” Federico Labrador Martinez

Ragnar has been involved in esports since PUBG was first released in 2017. When his team qualified for PGI 2018, he realized that he could make a living playing the game, and he decided to become a professional. Ragnar’s first competitive event was PGI LAN in Brazil, where he ultimately ended up winning and qualifying for the PGI Global event.

His favorite part of competing is winning despite being under intense pressure, as well as playing at LAN events. Ragnar’s most memorable moment happened at PGI Brazil when all of his teammates died and he still managed to survive, placing third (which gave his team a huge advantage to win the tournament in the final game). Although he spends almost all of his time playing PUBG, Ragnar also enjoys watching videos, movies, and TV shows.

BitLoft Esports Szylzen Pro PUBG Player

Nahuel “Szylzen” Balseiro

Szylzen has been in the competitive PUBG scene since the first tournaments in 2017. After his previous team SAVAGE won the 2018 PGI LAN in Brazil, they qualified for the PGI Finals in Berlin, where he realized his own potential for professional esports. The PGI Finals in Brazil was not only Szylzen’s first competitive event but also his first LAN as a player and his first LAN win.

Szylzen’s favorite part of competitive gaming is winning in spite of how challenging it can be. His most memorable moment was placing in the top kills and damage at the PGI Finals in Berlin. In his spare time, SzylzEN enjoys hanging out with friends and watching TV shows.


Our BitLoft Pro PUBG Team has qualified to compete in the GLL Grand Slam: PUBG Classic in Stockholm, Sweden!